Reviewability Determination Requests

Application Number Applicant Updated Date
RV2024-001 Fresenius Medical Care Birmingham Home 11/07/2023
RV2023-001 ProHealth Home Health, LLC 10/25/2022
RV2023-002 ProHealth Home Health, LLC 10/25/2022
RV2023-003R Geneva County Health Care Authority, Inc. d/b/a Samson Rural Health Clinic 11/07/2022
RV2023-004 Affinity Gastroenterology ASC, LLC d/b/a Grandview Endoscopy Center 12/01/2022
RV2023-005 Heart Group of the Eastern Shore, P.C. 11/21/2022
RV2023-006 IRC-ScionHealth Selma, LLC 02/10/2023
RV2023-007 The Wave International, LLC 12/14/2022
RV2023-008 Gastroenterology Associates of North-Central Alabama, Inc. d/b/a Gastro Health Alabama 12/15/2022
RV2023-009 Affinity Acquisitions, LLC d/b/a Affinity Hospice 12/23/2022
RV2023-010 Urology Associates of Mobile 01/09/2023
RV2023-011 Kelley Health Hospice d/b/a Southeast Hospice Network 01/30/2023
RV2023-012 Advantage Family Care, Inc. d/b/a Huntsville Hospital Urgent Care 01/23/2023
RV2023-013 Valley Sunrise, LLC d/b/a Quality Medical Care 02/01/2023
RV2023-014 The Healthcare Authority of Winfield, Alabama 02/03/2023
RV2023-015 Comfort Care Home Health Services d/b/a Aveanna Home Health 03/09/2023
RV2023-016 Willow Brooke Court at Westminster Village 03/15/2023
RV2023-017 Legacy Hospice of the East, LLC 04/13/2023
RV2023-018 Comfort Care Hospice LLC d/b/a Aveanna Hospice of Andalusia 05/11/2023
RV2023-019 The Spot Clinic (Madison County) 05/25/2023
RV2023-020 The Spot Clinic (Baldwin County) 05/25/2023
RV2023-021 Cullman Regional Hospice and Cullman Regional Home Care 05/25/2023
RV2023-022 North Mississippi Medical Center - Hamilton 05/18/2023
RV2023-023 Hospice of North Alabama 06/08/2023
RV2023-024 Surgical Clinic Solutions, LLC d/b/a Surgical Institute of Alabama 07/13/2023
RV2023-025 North Alabama Cardiology Center 08/03/2023
RV2023-026 Urology Centers of Alabama PC 08/04/2023
RV2023-028 IOP Behavioral Health - Birmingham 10/02/2023
RV2023-029 IOP Behavioral Health - Muscle Shoals 10/02/2023
RV2023-030 IOP Behavioral Health - Montgomery 10/02/2023
RV2023-031 IOP Behavioral Health - Daphne 10/02/2023
RV2023-032R The Dale County Health Care Authority d/b/a Dale Medical Center 08/30/2023
RV2022-001 Rehab Associates, LLC d/b/a Champion Sports Medicine 10/14/2021
RV2022-002 Rehab Associates, LLC d/b/a Champion Sports Medicine 10/21/2021
RV2022-003 Rehab Associates, LLC d/b/a Champion Sports Medicine 10/21/2021
RV2022-004 Rehab Associates, LLC d/b/a Champion Sports Medicine 10/21/2021
RV2022-005 Rehab Associates, LLC d/b/a Champion Sports Medicine 10/25/2021
RV2022-006 Rehab Associates, LLC d/b/a Champion Sports Medicine 10/25/2021
RV2022-007 ProHealth Hospice - Gadsden LLC 11/03/2021
RV2022-008 USA Health Children's & Women's Hospital 11/09/2021
RV2022-009 Jackson Hospital and Clinic, Inc. 12/01/2021
RV2022-010 ProHealth Home Health, LLC 12/13/2021
RV2022-011 Outpatient Care Center 12/17/2021
RV2022-012 Dr. Jason Beaver 01/07/2022
RV2022-013 Dale Medical Center Home Health 02/08/2022
RV2022-014 Community Hospice of Dale Medical Center 02/08/2022
RURAL The Tombigbee Health Care Authority d/b/a Whitfield Regional Hospital 12/13/2021
RV2022-015 Good Samaritan Hospice of Madison d/b/a Affinity Hospice 01/04/2022
RV2022-016 IOP Services, LLC 01/21/2022
RV2022-017 Baptist Medical Center East 01/12/2022
RV2022-018 Shelby Baptist Medical Center 02/15/2022
RV2022-019 Children's Hospital of Alabama 03/09/2022
RV2022-020 Department of Radiology of the University of South Alabama School of Medicine 04/04/2022
RV2022-021 Thomas Hospital ASC 04/06/2022
RV2022-022 Central Alabama CT Imaging, LLC 07/14/2022
RV2022-023 ProHealth Hospice - Gadsden, LLC 05/12/2022
RV2022-024 Tuscaloosa Surgical Center, L.P. d/b/a Tuscaloosa Surgical Center 06/16/2022
RV2022-025 Champion Sports Medicine Birmingham, LLC 05/12/2022
RV2022-026 Jackson Medical Center, LLC 02/23/2023
RV2022-027 IOP Services, LLC 06/30/2022
RV2022-028 Jackson Surgery Center, LLC 06/22/2022
RV2022-029 RCHP-Florence, LLC d/b/a North Alabama Medical Center 06/30/2022
RV2022-030 Restore Outpatient Therapy Services 07/28/2022
RV2022-031 Alabama Digestive Health Endoscopy Center, LLC 09/23/2022
RV2022-032 Five Star Rehabilitation and Wellness, LLC d/b/a Ageility Physical Therapy Solutions 09/08/2022
RV2022-033 EastPointe Hospital 10/20/2022
RURAL RV Mizell Memorial Hospital 10/27/2022
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