SHPDA Review

The SHPDA Review is a monthly newsletter published by the Alabama State Health Planning and Development Agency. In this newsletter, the Agency provides information regarding processing that took place during the previous month. This information includes Letters of Intent, Equipment Replacement Requests, Reviewability Determination Requests, Changes of Ownership, actions taken by the Certificate of Need Review Board, Certificates of Need issued, status of open (or recently closed) projects, a tentative agenda for the upcoming CONRB meeting, and a calendar of upcoming meetings and events. Additional public notices and information are also included as needed or available.

An annual subscription delivered electronically is $90. An annual subscription for printed copies mailed to subscribers is $180. Please complete the form and either pay the appropriate subscription fee by utilizing the SHPDA Payment Portal or by mailing a check to: SHPDA, P. O. Box 303025, Montgomery, AL 36130-3025.

If a past edition is requested, the fee is $7.50 for an electronic copy or $15.00 for a printed copy.

For additional information, please call the Agency at (334) 242-4105.