Health Care Data Ordering and Pricing Information

Updated 12/01/2020

The State Health Planning and Development Agency has data for sale concerning health care facilities. The reports are based on frequently requested data ; customized reports may also be prepared if the data requested is collected.

Price lists are below the instructions. (Updated: 12/01/2020)

Instructions For Data Requests

All requests for data must be in writing to this agency, submitted via e-mail to or  

SHPDA has revised its policy on requests for information.  To see the updated policy, please click here.


Mailing Address Physical Address
State Health Planning & Development Agency State Health Planning & Development Agency
Attn: Data Request Attn: Data Request
 P. O. Box 303025 100 N. Union Street - Suite 870
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-3025 Montgomery, Alabama 36104

Contact:            Bradford L. Williams - Health Planning Administrator


Phone:              (334) 242-4103

Fax:                  (334) 242-4113

If you are requesting printed data we will send it to you by U.S. Mail.  For printed data or CD-Rom's to be shipped overnight, there is a $25.00 additional charge for every Federal Express letter sized package. Alternately, the fees may be billed if a Federal Express, UPS, or DHL account number is provided with your order.

Please click here for Facility ID Numbers when requesting data for specific facilities.  Using the ID Number will assure that you receive the correct data.

For Reports, give the Report Number from the Price List on our website.

All requests must include your billing information, i.e.

               Your Name
               Telephone No.
               Mailing Address
               Fax Number
               E-Mail Address

If you are requesting a full database or custom Hospital Patient Origin Survey reports electronically you must print out a data usage agreement and submit it to the Agency.

Copies of individual annual reports are $1.00 per page if mailed or $0.25 per page if E-Mailed.  Staff time will be added based upon real time spent fulfilling requests.

Below the price lists, Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for download if you need this application to view the lists. 

For the specific type of facility data available please click on the link below: 

Price Lists

Report Type Report Years Available Electronically Updated Date
Hospital Annual Reports 1998-2011, 2016 07/11/2018
Nursing Home Reports 1999-2009, 2016-2017 07/11/2018
Home Health Care Reports 1998-2009, 2016-2019 12/01/2020
Hospital POS January   Data from 2006-2008 Only 2006-2008 08/11/2008
Hospital POS April        Data from 2000-2008 Only 2000-2008 11/06/2008
Hospital POS July          Data from 2006-2008 Only 2006-2008 04/10/2009
Hospital POS October    Data from 2003-2008 Only 2003-2008 07/09/2009
Datasets for SCALF (FY2016, FY2017 and FY2019), and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (FY2016, FY2017 and FY2018) are also published.  Price Lists and Data Usage Agreements will be posted soon for these datasets.
Hospital POS January Price List Effective with 2009 Release 2009-2011 11/19/2012
Hospital POS April Price List Effective with 2009 Release 2009-2011 11/19/2012
Hospital POS July Price List Effective with 2009 Release 2009-2010 07/30/2012
Hospital POS October Price List Effective with 2009 Release 2009-2010 07/30/2012
Hospital POS for full FY2016 is also published.  A Price List and new Data Usage Agreement will be posted soon for this dataset.

Data Usage Agreements

Nursing Home
Home Health Care
Hospital Patient Origin Survey (POS)
Electronic Files i.e. Specialty POS Reports
Patient Origin Survey FY2011 Subscription Memo and Sign-up Sheet

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