Certificate of Need Process Forms

Pursuant to Ala. Admin Code r. 410-1-3-.09, Electronic Filing, all official filings, including form submissions, must be submitted electronically to shpda.online@shpda.alabama.gov for compliance with CON rules and regulations.
Form Name   Updated Date
CON Fee (Thresholds) 2021 2022 2023 2024 09/19/2023
CON Application; (Word version) Instructions 10/18/2016
CON Extension   09/11/2013
CON Application Advertisement Form (410-1-7-.06)   08/27/2021
Change of Ownership Form   10/18/2016
Letter of Non-Reviewability Requirements   08/27/2021
Equipment Replacement Form   08/27/2021
Forty-Fifth (45th) day of the Review Period Form (410-1-7-.13)   08/27/2021
Project Modification after Issuance of CON Form (410-1-10-.03 (b))   08/27/2021
Notice of Proposed Adjustment to Alabama State Health Plan Form   08/27/2021
Home Health Contiguous County Letter (Sample Letter) ACT 98-339 08/27/2021
Attorney General Opinion (Hospice) 08-17-09   08/19/2009
SHPDA Review Subscription Info & Form (Agency's Monthly Newsletter)   08/27/2021
Interested Parties Notification Subscription Form   06/07/2023
Change in Designation of Contact of Record for Purposes of Mandatory Reporting 08/27/2021
Change in Electronic Certificate of Need Notification Appointments   08/27/2021
Current CBER Population information for CON Applications   06/17/2019
Document Review, Data & Research Request Form Revised   03/01/2023

On May 8, 2012, Governor Bentley signed into law Act-294, which contains important amendments to Alabama's Certificate of Need Law.  Public Notice of the changes enacted by this law can be found here.







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