Certificate of Need Public Information Requests

It is the policy of the Alabama State Health Planning and Development Agency (SHPDA) to make available to the public for inspection and/or copying, records and data prepared or received in connection with SHPDA's performance of its functions under Section 22-21-260 through 22-21-277 Code of Alabama, 1975, and the Alabama Certificate of Need Program Rules and Regulations. Any request submitted in accordance with the procedures specified below shall be filled by the SHPDA staff.

Copying of project files can only be done after an application has been deemed complete by a Health Planner. Transcripts are no longer available for copying. Excepted from public disclosure and access are personnel records, data and/or materials relating to judicial proceedings.

Requests shall be made utilizing our Document Review and Data Request Form. Please submit the completed form by email to:  shpda.online@shpda.alabama.gov for document requests. For data requests, please submit the completed form to data.submit@shpda.alabama.gov.

Inspection and/or copying may be accomplished during the Agency's normal working hours (i.e., 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday).

Printed materials will be reproduced at a cost of $1.00 per page, $5.00 per one hundred pages for staff time, and $10.00 per hour for research. Scanned materials, if available, can be emailed for a cost of $0.25 per page, plus staff time and research cost. Requests for materials will generally be filled within ten (10) working days of receipt. If the request cannot be filled within this time frame or the data and/or materials are unavailable to SHPDA, the requestor will be notified within ten (10) working days. In addition, SHPDA retains the right to invoke a minimum five (5) day written notice requirement for any request.

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